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September Padre

Post  Deep Throat Daisy on Fri May 09, 2008 8:35 pm

Now I know this has been discussed with every single Padre member, but I doubt as a group effort. There has been word of a possible trip to Padre in September after Sugarcane's wedding since we weren't able to make it happen this month. Obviously, Daniel would be omitted from this journey, but no pity shall be slung his way. He'll be a newlywed, thus getting his brains fucked out. So Daniel: omitted.

Since this is the month we were supposed to go, I'm already feeling it. I've been surfing the Padre Island National Seashore website for about two hours now, finding out all kinds of interesting facts. I suggest reading these pages:

Laws & Policies
Park Photos

After viewing these links, you'll be updated on many interesting facts & figures. I'm sure several of you Padre members have already skimmed through this site, but for our newer members, please.. indulge.

So.. onto an official Padre trip in September. Who's in? It's prime hurricane season..
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